Early Year's Adventure Playground

We replaced a dated and under-used playground with our own design to create a challenging, imaginative and exciting adventurous play area. Comprising of two play deck towers linked by a ropewalk Jungle Bridge, each deck has various routes up and down including step-up decks, balance beams, scramble net, ladder, log stairs and steppers, a fire pole and a more conventional slide. The undercroft of the main play tower has a quiet seating den and play tunnel for 'hiding' in. The surrounding area we landscaped to include playful mounding, and the whole area we carpeted with artificial play turf laid over an impact absorbent shock padding to create a safe, durable, and maintenance free surfacing. We also included one of our signature forked-pole monkey swings bar as these are so popular with the children and great for developing upper-body strength, co-ordination and co-operative play. We also installed a long, stepped bench at the far end of the play area for informal seating and class/group activities.